Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beach Weekend!

We all headed out to Atlantic Beach, NC for a long weekend. It was a muich needed break and a little beach practice for Andrew before our upcoming Hilton Head trip over his birthday! We had a blast hitting the surf, sand, pool, and the aquarium.

Andrews little buddy Eli wasnt able to join us this time but we hope in the years to come it will be a Fulcher/Stary family tradition. We had a great time with April and Michael! Thanks guys!

Here are a few pics and a video. Enjoy!

This is Andrews first time having his little feet in the ocean.

Here he is at the aquarium, he watched the fish almost the entire time.

PS...thats a fake turtle....I promise! ;)

Our little crab! (Well only when he's teething)

Sand time with Daddy!

I love these few photos....they are so peaceful!

Andrew really enjoyed the water hitting his feet!

We are busy planning 1st birthday celebrations, this little guy gets 2 parites. One with the OH clan and another gathering at the end of Sept after we return home. Im not really sure where this year went. All we know is how blessed and thankful we are to have him. No words can really express our love.

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